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Celebrate On The North Fork

  • GoNorthFork.org

    Go North Fork gives you easy access to the events and businesses you need to enjoy your time on Long Island's North Fork.

  • Tall Ships Greenport - 4th of July Weekend - Maritime village of Greenport

    Tall Ships America 2015 Greenport Village is proud to announce that it will host the Tall Ships America on July 4th weekend. The featured ship at the event will be the Hermione frigate, an exact replica of the historic French ship that brought French general Marquis de Lafayette to the United States.

  • Southold Town celebrates its founding 375 years ago with events all year round

    Southold, established in 1640, occupies most of Long Island's North Fork and includes 10 hamlets. The character of the Town of Southold is defined by our unique physical and visual attributes, unparalled history, and the experiences of our visitors and citizens. Southold has long been a cherished destination and continues to evolve with its unspoiled beaches, sprawling vineyards and wineries, agricultural production and farm stands, historic buildings, museums, and unlimited recreational opportunities. Its bucolic qualities, culture, and history have made Southold a special place to visit and live. This website is dedicated to and organized for the celebration of our bit of "Heaven on Earth".

  • Parks, Trails & Beaches to Visit on The North Fork.

    Parks & Trails.................. A visit to the picturesque North Fork provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and tranquility. Enjoy serene bike rides and hiking on country roads and through lush parks. Visit our unspoiled miles of beaches. The North Fork is completely surrounded by water - The Sound and the Bay, so there are endless beaches to visit, and historic lighthouses to marvel. To download a copy of the North Fork Trails map please visit: http://southoldtown.northfork.net/Announcements/NorthForkTrails.pdf or Click the Image for A Complete List!

  • Oysterponds, Pipes Cove, East Ends, Shelter Island & Widow's Hole...

    After ten exciting years of SPAT, we continue to open our doors to the community for new membership. We invite you to join us in our 11th year of creating a model for our community based shellfish restoration effort. •Learn to culture, plant and monitor seed oysters, clams and scallops in your own shellfish "garden". •Keep 100% of your garden harvest for personal use. •Participate in monthly seminars to learn more about local marine environment and the role you can play in your community. •Volunteer for hands-on operations Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to Noon. •Volunteer to assist in administrative tasks to support the SPAT program.


This program is fully or partially funded by the following organizations

Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau and Sports Commission www.dicoverlongisland.com
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