NFPC Marketing Committee Meeting


To all members of the business community

The NFPC Directors have charged the Officers of the NFPC to lead an effort to revamp the NFPC – leaving no stone unturned.

For this purpose, The NFPC is forming a Marketing Committee for its first meeting on October 18th at the Mattituck Laurel Historical Society at 4pm. The marketing committee will prepare a marketing plan for the NFPC and Tourism Promotion for the North Fork to be adopted at the next annual membership meeting in January 2013.

We invite anyone interested in joining our effort and becoming a part of the Marketing committee team (We are looking especially for enthusiastic people with knowledge of Marketing, PR and Tousrism & Hospitality) to please request to be considered: please contact our executive Director Eugene Gluck (631-655-7328) or any NFPC officers Scott Hunzinger (631-734-8016) or Joan Bischoff (631 948 0234) or email


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