Raphael Winery Fall Music Events


Raphael Fall Music Events 2013

9/1- Norman Vincent 1-4 PM

9/2- Mambo Loco- 1-4PM 9/8- Jazz on the island presents Brian Simpson and Euge Groove 2:30PM *tickets available for purchase via

9/15- Keith Maguire 1-4PM

9/22- Henry Hade 1-4pm 9/29- Keith Maguire 1-4PM

10/6- Norman Vincent 1-4PM

10/12-Aron Michaels 1-4PM

10/13- Scott Keller & Friends 1-4PM

10/14- Mambo Loco 1-4PM

10/20- Keith Maguire 1-4PM

10/27- Henry Hade 1-4PM

11/3- Keith Maguire 1-4PM

11/10- Norman Vincent 1-4PM

11/17- Henry Hade- 1-4PM 11/24- Keith Maguire 1-4PM

Please feel free to email/call with any questions regarding any of our music events.
Samantha Payne-Markel Director of Marketing and Sales 631.755.1100 ext.101
For reservations please call 631.765.1100 ext. 105


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