Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce Fireworks Show

July 12, Saturday 5:30PM, Fireworks 9:30PM
Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce Fireworks Show will be bigger and better than ever, according to Chamber President Art Williams. 

This year’s Saturday, July 12 program will be in the hands of the internationally acclaimed Fireworks by Grucci based in Bellport, Long Island. The Grucci name has been synonymous with fi reworks since the family entered the business back in 1850.

What brought Grucci into the game for Shelter Island was a new alliance with the East Hampton-based Clamshell Foundation that this year allows contributors to the event to make their donations tax deductible. That’s something the Chamber couldn’t do, Mr. Williams said. But thanks to Chamber board member Susan Cincotta, a link was established between the two organizations that made sense to both.

“This is getting to be a heavy lift” for the Chamber to continue to make between fundraising and event planning, Mr. Williams said. The Clamshell Foundation, which has been presenting its own annual Great Bonac Fireworks Show over Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton, saw a natural allegiance between the efforts both groups make in their respective communities, according to foundation founder and director, Rossetti Perchik.

What’s more, the Perlman Music Program is getting into the mix this year for those who want to make the evening truly special, both men said.

Perlman will present “Stars, Stripes & Strings” that night, beginning at 5:30 p.m. with a reception at Perlman, to be followed by a 7 p.m. concert of patriotic music, an 8 p.m. picnic dinner and then, of course, a beachfront view of the fireworks at 9:30 p.m. Tickets for the Perlman event are $250.

Those who want to make a tax deductible contribution to support the Shelter Island fireworks program can do so at


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