1. Plant a Garden
  2. Visit a local farm stand
  3. Tour one of our many vineyards
  4. Rent a boat for the day
  5. Go miniature golfing
  6. Play a round of 18 holes at a local golf course
  7. Go shopping
  8. Go canoeing
  9. Have you tried windsurfing?
  10. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of our many fine restaurants
  11. Visit Horton’s Point and Bug Light lighthouses
  12. Take a course at the local library
  13. Visit a local historical society
  14. Visit a local museum
  15. Check out our antique stores
  16. Ride the carousel in Greenport
  17. Go see a play at the North Fork Theater in Mattituck
  18. Do something nice for someone…just for the fun of it
  19. Take in one of the Showcase Concerts in Southold
  20. Attend the Maritime Festival in Greenport
  21. Take one of the many programs that are available at Custer Institute in Southold
  22. Check out the Ice Cream Social in Southold
  23. Enjoy cars? Visit the Antique Car Show in Peconic
  24. Pick your own berries
  25. Attend the Annual Strawberry Festival in Mttituck
  26. Write a letter to an old friend, sitting on a local beach
  27. Go to the movies
  28. Take the Hampton Jitney to NYC for a day
  29. Visit our local Railroad Museum in Greenport
  30. Visit the miniature railroad in Greenport
  31. Stop by our Tourist Information Centers in Greenport and Laurel…even if you’re a local
  32. Try one of our charming Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Motels or Hotels
  33. Have a backyard BBQ with local produce and meats
  34. Take a charter boat and fish for the day
  35. Volunteer at the local animal shelter, hospital or nursing home
  36. Attend the Mattituck Street Fair, festival or movie night
  37. Take advantage of the many programs offered by the Southold Town Recreation Department
  38. Throw your bike on the ferry and tour Shelter Island
  39. Take part in a charity fun run
  40. Pick up trash on a local road or beach…take pride in our community
  41. Pick up the North Fork Guide – anywhere on the North Fork – it’s loaded with great information
  42. Have a picnic with your friends at a local park. Stock up on great local produce
  43. Make a scrapbook of all your experiences on the North Fork
  44. Have a potluck dinner
  45. Play a game of flag or touch football on the beach or local park. Or in your backyard
  46. Play Frisbee
  47. Go swimming at one of our local beaches
  48. Organize a bake sale and donate the proceeds to a local school or community service like the local fire department
  49. Do a puzzle
  50. Fly a kite at a local park or beach
  51. Go on a photography hunt and find interesting themes to shoot
  52. Go bird watching
  53. Visit Orient State Park
  54. Go horseback riding
  55. Order a pizza and rent a movie with your friends
  56. Take a blanket and some snacks to a park or local beach and watch the cloud formations
  57. Roast marshmallows and sing around a campfire
  58. Go sailing
  59. Go pumpkin and apple picking
  60. Take your car on the Cross Sound Ferry and visit Connecticut for a day
  61. Play catch with water balloons
  62. Take dance lessons
  63. Examine tide pools for starfish and other beach creatures
  64. Hike locally
  65. Play basketball, baseball or tennis at one of our local fields and courts
  66. Have a relaxing cup of coffee at a local coffeehouse
  67. Check out a local bookstore
  68. Take a drive or bike road through back roads
  69. Eat fried clams
  70. Dig for clams…don’t forget to get a permit!
  71. Watch the sunrise or set on a local beach
  72. Build a sandcastle
  73. Pick wild flowers
  74. Shop at local yard sales
  75. Make a time capsule and set a date to open it at a future date
  76. Collect shells and pebbles
  77. Read a good book, just about anywhere
  78. Take cooking classes
  79. Watch and enjoy nature, just about anywhere
  80. Go for a run, walk or bike ride on one of nature trails
  81. Visit the Osprey sculpture at Tasker Park
  82. Set up a sprinkler on your lawn and run through it
  83. Watch local fireworks at local fairs and festivals
  84. Attend a carnival
  85. Listen for woodpeckers
  86. Visit Down Farm Preserve and Laurel Lake
  87. Relax and listen to music in the shade under a tree
  88. Exercise. Try yoga, pilates or shake your hips at a zumba class
  89. Take a moonlit stroll on the beach
  90. Walk barefoot
  91. Leave your work, laptop and cell phone at home and get out of the house
  92. Pamper yourself, relax and have a massage, facial and manicure
  93. Buy a home
  94.  Go sunbathing. with lots of sunscreen
  95. Feed the ducks and seagulls. bird seed, of course
  96. Paint a seascape. The turnaround and paint a landscape
  97. Attend an art gallery
  98. Bake homemade cookies using local ingredients
  99. Set up a lemonade or iced tea stand
  100. Attend local charity events
  101. Invite some friends to visit and do all the above again!